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Chef knowledge does dish working procedure to have each exquisite

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Wash dish: Running water is rinsed

Won't stir-fry, won't still wash dish? Return true may not to meet actually, the knowledge that washs dish also is worn greatly! The expert tells us to want to rectify wash vegetable, after be being washed first, cut. If wash before had cut vegetable, the solubility vitamin in vegetable and inorganic salt can follow water and the loss is dropped. And, in immersing the vegetable that has washed for long in water, also be incorrect! Come, the nutriment prediction of a person's luck in a given year in vegetable arrived in water, 2 come, the pesticide that remains to go up in vegetable will be deliquescent in water, and soak vegetable equably. So, first-rate washs dish method is running water is rinsed.

Cut course: Along with fry along with cut

If you think to had cut dish all, one dish one dish is put aside, waiting for next boiler is first-rate planned as a whole, that can make the big fear of dietetics. Along with fry along with cut ability best. Cut vegetable again when facing next boiler, the vitamin that the section after be being cut otherwise can make vegetable medium suffers air to oxidize and disappear.

Fried dish: Fervent oil fries flourishing quickly

Dish pays attention to flourishing fire, heat to be fried oilily, quickly into boiler hind. Green fastens dish to basically be formed by chlorophyll, it is a kind of not stable plant pigment, if increase lukewarm time very long, chlorophyll becomes magnesian chlorophyll, show cinnamon, taste both neither is fragile tender goluptious, the vitamin also is met the loss is very much, wait like rape, cucumber, celery, garlic bolt.

Additional, do dish to notice to build severe boiler shell even, otherwise, vapor evaporates in great quantities, deliquescent also evaporate subsequently at the vitamin of water be lost, connect alimental fragrance to also can wave to come loose and go. A few vinegar is added when cooking food, also be helpful for a vitamin save. The condiment such as salt, gourmet powder should enter boiler finally.

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