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Why does chef knowledge want essence of life at " see fire " technology?

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See igneous technology, grasp the magnitude of duration correctly namely, can apply alive repeatedly according to the change of dish. Want essence of life so at " see fire " technology, because the two big content of cooking technology are,this is cook and flavor. And duration is the payoff that cooks cooked food, also be the main condition that dish raw material produces qualitative change. After raw material joins dressing, do not cook through heating, cannot complete qualitative change process and become beautiful food cate. Have essence of life only at " see fire " technology, just can wait according to the property of dish raw material, configuration, colour and lustre, produce complex physical variation and chemical change through cook, and make dish colour and lustre gorgeous, aroma goes out fully, flavor is delicious, configuration is beautiful. If see igneous technology not beautiful, although choose high grade raw material, energy industry is fine make, also obtain the perfect property of dish hard.