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(Thick dish of 2) chef skill wants fine do

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4, use sculpture technology and dish of new-style vessel innovation to taste

For example " come back with fruitful results " and " bumper harvest fructification " after these two dish are made with common raw material namely, put in carven household utensils. Again for example " tea sweet dip 3 delicacy " , it is to use the dish that tea path vessel will come to reflect to taste. Although raw material is common,these dish are tasted, but pass vessel foil, made dish of design and color and craft food, increased the class of dish thereby.

5, the food that uses a variety of cook methods to be made is tasted

For example " bean curd case " , " pumpkin cake " , " fabaceous horn double melon " , " gold-rimmed hibernate skin " , " spring silkworm spin " , " sweet blast squid is encircled " wait for dish to taste, it is to use common raw material, use a variety of cook methods, try on modelling beautification, innovate ceaselessly from taste, will increase the class of dish.

Now, as people living standard rise ceaselessly, the food of green environmental protection of nutrient health is loved by people place gradually, this more to us chef offerred thick course fine the opportunity that make. Want to undertake reforming creating ceaselessly on configuration, taste to its only, can have the effect that is less than to expect. For example: The raw material such as dish of shepherd's purse, noodle, can make " shepherd's purse a round mass of food " , " evaporate mixes shepherd's purse " , " a thick soup of shepherd's purse bean curd " , " shepherd's purse coils " wait for dish to taste.

The development of cooking technology and people are to the class degree of dish demand with local social conduct, economic standard is close together and relevant. Thick course is careful make the demand that got used to broad consumer on the price, taste, beautiful, nutrition, inevitable meeting has more and more important place on meal market, hope more chef go study and be being carried out, it is better to make thick food make thick food finer.

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