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Shallow talk about the cook of seafood dish

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Civil / Wang Zhidong of restaurant of Jinan spring river

Seafood dish, the raw material that chooses because of place is new, and exquisite taste is delicate, pay attention to nutrition, multi-purpose rinse, evaporate, fume, decoct, quick-boil, blast, stew wait for a variety of cook ability laws to become dish, reason has clear delicacy into dish fragile the characteristic with delicious and tender, goluptious, unique special flavor.

Current, the impact of seafood dish is bigger and bigger, the chef that study cooks seafood food is increasing also. Here, the experience of a few results that the author cooks him seafood food especially introduces as follows.

One, expect by season choosing

The quality of seafood product and taste and season have very big concern. What season eats what seafood flavour is the most beautiful, the knowledge inside this but big. So, those who cook seafood dish to want to hold seafood well and truly is seasonal.

If have seafood fish: Exquisite spring have fish of head of yellow croaker, mullet, crucian carp, summer eat catfish (the catfish that coastal waters place produces) , eye fish, equestrian mouth fish, autumn fish of penetration of a cutting tool, the winter eats whitebait. Be like crab having the of great capacity again, coastal fisherman has spring crab having the of great capacity more of fat say. It is to have shrimp additionally, although there is shrimp to supply all the year round on the market, but shrimp most the season of fat is annual still 4 to October. Inside this paragraph of time, the taste of shrimp is optimal.

2, differ because of producing area and quality of a material has not

Seafood producing area is different, quality of a material also has certain distinction. Like the yield of hairtail the area is Shandong peninsula, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong and hill custom coastal, although the Shandong Yantai, yield with Qingdao and coastal Zhejiang is top, but the quality that hill custom place produces hairtail is best, flavour is optimal. The producing area of yellow croaker basically distributings in our country coastal, its crop Bohai Sea is highest, and place of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty produces most precious. Wool blood clam all is produced littoral in our country north and south, just crop of Bohai Sea bay is most, quality is optimal also. Anyhow, cook seafood food, want to master the producing area of good seafood and optimal edible season above all.

3, the new rate according to raw material, choose different cook method

Cook cooked food with new seafood raw material, dish tastes Xian Weinong, fishy smell little. Conversely criterion fishy smell is thick, little taste is little. Actually, everyday the new rate of seafood won't agree completely, so we need to choose different cook method according to particular case. Be like fresh yellow croaker, we can be used steam, the method of float soup, boiled in clear soup, oily dip becomes dish, a bit second can use Qing Dynasty of a few to burn, the method of braise in soy sauce becomes dish; The usable sauce with fresh or else is burned, the method of dry blast becomes dish. It is prawn together, can use freshly steam, Bai Zhuo; Boil of the usable oil stew of all but, blast; Again of all but can use at scamper shrimp paragraph or soft blast shelled fresh shrimps. Additional, be like wool blood clam, fresh can use as rinse, quick-boil, mix; Of all but can use as sauce is burned, hot fry.
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