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Kitchen management: Silent Cuo

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With the high-grade banquet that bird's nest big vegetable, fim big vegetable presents as leading role. Dai Qian of Ceng Fancheng Yu Qing, fine year, highlighted amorous feelings of board of drink of feudal official, parvenu.

Swallow wing banquet stresses a service formal: Serving program, format is normative; Cook ability law is full-scale; Design change is diversiform, can become place alone, also can regard Man Hanquan as the main component in banquet.

The service is formal: Greet a guest to take the door, introduce a sitting room small rest, act according to on 1000 fruit, Xian Guo, sweet tea, mug-up (or) of cakes and sweetmeats. Entertain a guest neat hind the sitting that draw guest. Have dinner finishs. Serve heat (winter) or cold (the summer) towel, toothpick. Please guest reentry sitting room is little sit, the fruit on add, sweet tea.

Serving program, format: The desktop puts desk of detain of 4 confiture, 4 little material. Open on Xi Houxian 4 meat or fish, 4 element 8 cold food (or take 6) , take head course subsequently: "Taste Gong Yan " take rock candy tremella. "Red gather up fim " for the 2nd entree, the others big vegetable can choose the raw material such as Bao, shellfish, ginseng, shrimp, crab, chicken, duck, fish, flesh to cook a Zhu Daoshan cate of precious choice seafood. All take serving of 2 small formats by a big, intermediate thrust deep into the enemy forces is sweet, salty mug-up reachs congee. A thick soup, soup rare feed.

Cook ability law is full-scale: This banquet uses ferry food a variety of cook ability laws. Gather up, burn, explode, fry, float, evaporate, fume, bittern, sweet, boil in water for a while all have reflect.

Design change is diversiform, chinese civilian dish, islamic dish has sheet of swallow wing banquet, and press again spring, summer, autumn, products of wintry the four seasons and combination. Below exemple lift just a little.

Banquet of Han Minyan wing -- spring

4 work: Big flat, currant, ginkgo, melon seeds

4 delicacy: Apple, banana, mandarin orange, strawberry

4 confiture: Candied date or jujube, preserved peach, green plum, longan

Cold meat: Samite goes all out completely (the band is small 6) mix abdomen of mound of Chinese cabbage of bamboo shoots in spring of boil in water for a while of Chun Liu, shrimp roe, mustard, arhat, crisp fish, mix clam benevolence

Big: Taste Guan Yan (take caraway last stage) , fim of prawn of rock candy tremella, Pan Long, Hai Gong (take scamper sweet steamed bread piece, caraway end) , abalone dragon beard, gather up holothurian, dry decoct spends a fish (take vinegar of polished glutinous rice) , scamper shakes shrimp, smooth north and south, sweet juice yam, white skip a thick soup of mullet man, jellyfish (each eat)

Noodle: 100 child stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup, 3 bright a steamed dumping with the dough gathered at the top
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