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Chef skill thick dish wants fine do

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In recent years, socially fete feast class is high, vying wind be current, the hotel is fond of management fim, abalone, holothurian wait for high-grade and rare raw material, accordingly, the meal of every desk rose to get on 1000 yuan get on 10 thousand yuan even from hundreds of yuan. And look in the author, use 339 yuan to also can cook an one dinner euqally namely delicate and goluptious, colour the dish with pleasing to the eye, beautiful modelling, although cheap bean curd, Chinese cabbage also can be cooked,give cate delicate, of course a dab hand that this wants to rely on chef goes thick course is careful do.

Alleged careful course, it is relative to the cooking raw material that holds high at those prices character. Thick dish is to point to raw material of common cooking of the daily life of a family, have bean of melon and fruit and its product commonly, the birds livestock meat that the home raises kind reach common aquatic product to wait. Thick course is careful do even if point to chef to expect raw material of these average the daily life of a family through choosing, discard the dross and select the essential, use proper knife labour and cook method, cook its delicate cate.

Thick course is careful make the social environment that gets used to current cooking to develop place to rely on and economic environment, have development perspective very much.

One, thick course is careful do the situation that gets used to current party and cheap of governmental anti-corruption initiate

After a series of measure publish party and cheap of governmental anti-corruption initiate, public money eats and drink wind gets keep within limits. A lot of old hotel, big public house faces broad masses in succession, food of management in a popular style. Now, to deal with the come-and-go on necessary ceremony, most unit and branch also are not to beg luxury, seek economic material benefit only, this more catered to thick dish fine the demand that make.

2, thick course is careful make the demand that accords with numerous people

As the development of national economy, the standard of living of people rises ceaselessly. In the past people wanted cram oneself with food to also be satisfied only, but a lot of people want not only now satiate, and what still ask to eat is good, those who eat is wholesome, those who eat have nutrition, those who eat is comfortable, can get beautiful enjoyment. Cook the delicate cate with high price with high-grade raw material they not dare make inquires, and " thick course is careful do " the pattern dish of price moderate not only in economically the requirement that accorded with them, also satisfied the requirement of their have a taste of what is just in season, have a taste of what is just in season with mentally on the sense organ.

3, thick course is careful do can earn higher profit for the hotel

Common raw material if in order to make a person find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, the appearance of beautiful of all of color, sweet, flavour, form appears, can sell higher price. For example " silk of acetic saute potato " , the price is controlled for 6 yuan, and make body of formation of a imagine with potato mud " gold a kind of pear grown in Hebei Province " wait for dish to taste, every dish can sell 20 yuan the left and right sides.
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