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The key that knowledge of Western-style food chef makes salad

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1, when making fruit salad, right amount sweet taste bright butter can be joined inside common yoke salad sauce, its make the salad that go out suckle fragrance full-bodied, sweet taste is aggravating, the friend that likes sweet food can try to do.

2, transfer into inside salad sauce yoghurt, can make the yoke salad sauce of rare solid state, use at mixing fruit salad, taste is better.

3, when making vegetable salad, if choose common mayonnaise, a few vinegar, salt can be joined inside salad sauce, suit the Chinese's taste more.

4, a few fresh lemon juice is added in salad sauce, or white wine, brandy, can make vegetable does not become angry. If be used at seafood salad, can make salad flavour more delicious.

5, the flesh that make kind when salad, can choose a few salad sauce that contain the raw material such as mustard, peppery, garlic directly, also can transfer into inside common mayonnaise these raw material.

6, when making vegetable salad, xie Cai had better use a hand to rip, in order to protect fresh, vegetable and abluent, drop does mix of sauce of salad of the reoccupy after water.

7, salad is entered dish before, brush dish of edge with the head of garlic, salad taste will be less.