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Chef knowledge drunk, mix

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One, drunk

Drunk have ripe drunk with unripe drunk method of two kinds of cook. Ripe drunk be will advocate expect in putting big bowl or handleless cup, join complementary makings and flavoring, put into steam box to heat with steam, make advocate makings tasty is ripe (fire reads aloud) and the cook means that becomes dish.

Unripe drunk it is to use wine to be opposite fresh raw material undertakes dip bloats antiseptic, eliminate fishy smell, add the cook method of Xian Xiangmei flavour. The raw material that current course makes cooked food with strange drunk law is seafood raw material, wet person has since ancient times eat " the fish is raw " , " shrimp is unripe " , " langouste is unripe " , " oyster is unripe " habit, some fresh raw material is raw drunk later, apportion the seat on sauce dish again. Here is not expatiatory strange drunk law, introduce ripe drunk standard only.

Operating sequence () of ripe drunk law:

1, advocate makings is abluent, immerse.

2, advocate makings, complementary makings is preliminary ripe processing.

3, advocate expect in putting bowl or handleless cup, gai Fu expects above, rejoin flavoring, the cook a meal in basket evaporate is being put after building comes ripe.

4, take out, choose unused complementary makings.

5, flavor, go up banquet.

Operate essentials and characteristic:

1, current course is ripe drunk used raw material, it is fungus or plant sex raw material more, should immerse first mostly or fly water, eliminate impurity, bilge, the treatment that good raw material should make seriously before because this is drunk,be being made is handled.

2, drunk the cooked food that make has Qing Dynasty and thick branch, qing Dynasty is drunk belong to soup kind, dish soup clear taste is little, reason should put soup juice more. Juice of thick drunk soup is little, want to tick off Gorgon euryale with wet unripe pink, dish is spicy tender smooth, reason should put boiling water less.

3, " Qing Dynasty is drunk " with " boiled in clear soup " it is to go up basket use steam to heat make raw material mature, cook method is a bit approximate, but also have clear distinction: (1) raw material is different. Stewed raw material is animal sex raw material commonly, drunk raw material is fungus or plant sex raw material more. (2) duration is different. Stewed dish raw material is pliable but strong is hard mostly, complete, of chunk, its stew time to often want 2 to 3 hours; Drunk the raw material that make is more soft tender, small, time of evaporate cook a meal is half hours are controlled commonly. (3) cooks a method to still have difference. Stew can stew with arenaceous boiler, red stewed raw material still needs beforehand souse. Drunk no matter,make " clear " with " thick " , must enter basket evaporate cook a meal. Thick drunk although Shang Zhiyu is red,stew about the same, but raw material does not need first souse. (4) is red stew want chromatically commonly, thick drunk do not beg chromatically.
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