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In dining-room of tea of be the chef of chef of hotel of 5 stars class additiona

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Early two years, people the concept to tea dining-room, still stay on a bit bit better than discharging archives greatly impression. But of tea dining-room delicate it is well-known however, meal of young of fair son face, Bao, unripe roll congee... with its harbor type is delicate the buccal stomach that conquered Shanghai person nags. Now the tea dining-room on Shanghai had new change again nowadays, be in some less while harbor is sent, blended in strong recreational sentiment, more iron of this post Shanghai city idiosyncratic.

In rainbow bridge the area can find dining room of a lot of tea, choose to go Yan'an of road of Xi Luhong well " fast Da Xing " have a meal, basically be to developing the cause of be the chef of chef of hotel of its 5 stars class.

Allegedly in inn advocate hutch interest is not little, having old meal experience, assume public house of class of the 5 stars between duty count before, as a result of advocate hutch is having the background that makes Western-style food, so the cate here is having the local color of match well of Chinese and Western normally.

Sit to come first the dish of harbor type lemon of a cup of tunnel is sweet, qing Dynasty is sweet moist, very appetizing still, or you prefer the flavor with tea with milk of an affectionate couple and perfect and shirt-sleeve coffee, sweet slip clinking. Next, it is lay open menu, select slowly what want to sample most is delicate.

Meaning type 3 article fish (25 yuan) the 3 article fish of clarity skinning texture is being taken slightly transparent glittering and translucent colour and lustre, mouthfeel is pure and fresh and well-developed. Drench some of black vinegar juice, Zhi person, bead of tie-in blueness melon, tomato bead and trifling garlic bead, taste is more sour hot goluptious. Tie-in aside biscuit, more sweet!

Bead of shrimp paste flesh is hollow dish (25 yuan of) . This is an innovation fascia dish. It is a fragrant bright sweet smell first, inviting appetite is big, enter an intent accordingly, it is the hollow dish that eyeful verdure gives birth to blueness. Attentive clerk still can walk over to help you mix dish a few times with ladle, ensure each your, can eat fresh shrimp paste, delicious flesh bead, tastily hollow dish, the flavor that a few heavy mouthfeel blend, sweet mellow.

In chicken of sweet juice of black any of several hot spice plants (18 yuan of) . "The wing in chicken " it is a cole originally, chef provides originality to choose black any of several hot spice plants and sweet juice to make condiment alone. Put gallinaceous wing the souse in matching good condiment beforehand several hours, the blast in putting oily bowl next becomes golden yellow fish out, juice irrigates the honey of black any of several hot spice plants that will boiled again to go up in gallinaceous wing. Taste, skin is sweet fragile in, taking sweet taste again, still have trifling hot idea, the flesh pledges exquisite bright slips inside, bite on one to return be mingled with to wear thick fragrance.
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