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The sauce in the kitchen expects sonata

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"Tea of fuel sauce vinegar " , open the door in 7 things, sauce makings takes one important seat. A delicate cate, besides with expect besides do sth in the proper way of fresh, cook, assist expects with appropriate sauce, be to perfect.

To sauce makings, guangzhou family average uses besides most besides the mainest Chi oil, a lot of other multifarious sauce makings, to many Guangzhou are an a little unfamiliar proposition really the person. And unluckily this is the time with a very substantial material, walk into a supermarket, it may be said of all sorts of sauce makings on goods shelves, dressing makes a person dazzling, unripe smoke, often smoke, sauce of dumpling vinegar, white vinegar, red vinegar, sanded tea, pepper sauce, oyster sauce sauce... expect to many sauce more know how to should be used far from.

Somebody thinks only Chinese style dish just pays attention to sauce to expect, actually otherwise, in Western-style arrange, sauce makings can say the soul that is cate, most exquisite. No matter be sanded law, flesh kind or seafood, can match with the sauce with distinctive local color, wait like sauce of mustard of tomato of sauce of mustard bright cream, French, each arrogate to oneself is gotten the better of. For example weever of French sweet decoct, but Zun Yiqing's sweet ginger juice, add a few olive oil, lemon juice, liquor and vinegar, small hot sauce and sweet weever blend flawless, have very much south the gust of the law. Cherry sauce deserves to go up richness is sweet liver of thick French decoct goose, sweet in the foul smell taste that took acerbity cherry flavour as it happens to counteract goose liver, both bring out the best in each other.

Chinese style it may not be a bad idea, western-style, anyhow a word, the action that sauce expects nots allow small gaze. Same a dish, if choose pair of sauce makings as good as at making the finishing point, what if sauce expects,match is bad, meet those who have ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous be short of regret. Sauce makings can be divided roughly it is a few kinds big.

Saline taste makings

Soy: The action of soy basically is to add delicacy to grace, improved gust. Use extensively in products of Chinese style meat, make goods shows beautiful sauce red to improve its taste. Be born to smoke and often be smoked is to pass brew to ferment the soy that machine and becomes. Unripe smoke color weaker, show rufous, multi-purpose will flavor, because color is light, reason is done stir-fry commonly or cold dish when use more. Often be being smoked was to add caramel color, color is very deep, show palm Brown, luster, have the mouth in hind gutty and delicious small sound sense, use provision commonly chromatic with, it is better to when making the braise in soy sauce food that needs chromatically for instance, be used.

Discern be born to smoke and often be smoked

See color: Can pour soy into color of the rock in porcelain dish of a white, unripe smoking is rufous, and often be being smoked is palm Brown and luster.
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