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What dining-room clerk must abide by is formal: Dining-room is the have dinner place of guest, dining-room clerk not only should master business technical ability, in abiding by a service even all sorts of formal, make guest not only eat fully, eat happily even.

(1) should smiling face greets visitor, natural easy kind greeting: "Hello! Welcome aboard! Excuse me altogether a few? " if be accompany of male and female and come, answer to send one's respects to female guest first, send one's respects to male guest again. Right old young incomplete guest, before answering to go up actively, attend.

(2) should introduce them according to the different situation of guest seat. Be like important guests presence, answer to lead the best position in dining-room them; Repast of couple, sweethearts, answer to lead quiet corner place them; Family, close friends dines together, answer to lead dining-room center position them; Right old the place that young incomplete guest should arrange them in discrepancy to go to the lavatory quite. Arrangement seat should satisfy the requirement of guest as far as possible, if this seat has been gone to first guest takes up, the clerk should explain excuse, get forgive, recommend other the place that makes guest more satisfactory.

(3) visitors approachs mensal, the clerk should be pressed first female Bin Hounan guest, first advocate the order of general guest after guest pulls open a chair with both hands, accost guest is entered; Guest genuflect is entered while, it is chair of light jog seat of honour, good to make guest sits, sit firm.

(4) serves tea for guest, avoid by all means contacts teacup cup mouth with the hand. Ground of timely and active respect gives serving sheet, cannot throw menu on the desk at will. When the client orders dishes, should wait patiently, cannot urge, let guest have the time of the consideration. When ordering dishes, take good paper, pen to be recorded at any time. If guest is indecisive, clerk ought to good give advice, introduce dish breed and distinguishing feature enthusiasticly. Should notice the language is artistic, courteous and euphemistic, do not want reluctance or rigid to recommend, lest cause guest,feel disgusted. If the dish of guest dot has not had goods to supply, excuse of Ying Li appearance, get forgive. Be like the course that guest chooses, do not have on menu, do not refuse, can say: "Allow I and chef to discuss please, satisfy your requirement as far as possible. " when guest orders dishes, the clerk answers the face brings smile, pitch of appreciably of upper part of the body, the body cannot rely on to be by the side of table, cannot put the hand on table, want to be listened attentively to seriously, exact record, avoid to make mistake.

(If 5) has children repast, can add small stool to children, convenient children is entered.

(6) drops carelessly like guest tableware, answer to be the tableware that its change clean quickly, cannot brush before guest finish sth.
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