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Recieve management to receive aircraft service standard

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One, preparation

(1) shifts to an earlier date the stage obtained the full name that needs to receive machine visitor, information such as airliner date once upon a time.

(2) prepares to accept machine card, print receive machine sheet.

(3) affirms to the airport whether the airliner is punctual ahead of schedule.

(4) informs motorcade sends a car on time.

2, greet a visitor

(1) is lifted receive machine card to stand exit, ensure standard of appearance, behavior accords with hotel requirement.

(2) causes greeting decline to received visitor.

3, return a public house

(1) helps a guest carry baggage, send the car on the guest, confirm baggage number.

(To guest introduction the hotel reachs local situation in 2) road.

(3) reachs a public house, side guest hauls door, confirm baggage number again.

(4) sends a guest to arrive to deal with stop add downstage.

Establish client archives duty standard

One, preparative guest registration form

The assemble handles the guest accommodation registration form that register before today.

2, data of inquiry guest individual

(1) enters computer program, choose corresponding catalog record of accessibility guest history inquires a net.

(2) chooses corresponding computer program, and at the same time basis " guest registration form " the first letter that inputs guest full name or the first word, can get guest individual data or be informed have record without computer.

3, establish guest history record

(Program of 1) choice computer is corresponding one, number of number of name of address of name of the full name of input guest, sexual distinction, company, family, postcode, citizenship, city, passport, visa, birthday, it is with this according to, establish historical record for the guest.

(2) general guest is other and special the requirement inputs remarks one column.

4, affirm

Choose corresponding key, whether be the same as guest hand in order to examine computer memory data to keep data correspondence, affirm without by accident.