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After the guest is entered, dest clerk is received change house price instruction, how to do?

1, if written change an announcement, should check whether the discount is inside limits of competence of the person that sign sheet;

2, the price that be like a room begins to change since this day issueing sheet, simply is revised in computer directly;

3, begin to change since the day that the price that be like a room enters from the guest, change sheet to need general manager to sign square but become effective;

4, will change requisition after duplicate is added in the advice note that remove debt, hand in the member that receive silver to make the processing that remove debt;

5, alter computer data in time, make clear change an account, date reachs the person that sign sheet;

6, if change odd classification from phone or oral, can be changed first and make a record, after the event fills about the branch please do change sheet;

7, house price changes sheet to classify file.