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Standard of astral class restaurant is meticulous the service greets visitor

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The menu of a Taiwan, indicate in detail each dish is tasted reach a honored guest to be in an organization, dish name is the word of a blessing since the first string. 4 days, in Henan restaurant of class of province travel star manages working site to be able to go up, path of Yang Cheng of director of province tourism bureau showed this chic menu, restaurant of class of star of requirement complete province is in fine point concentrate one's efforts, make Henan travel serve a brand.

4 days, province tourism bureau comes on stage first " restaurant of travel star class serves a standard from personnel of course of study " , face complete province to seek an opinion. Content is meticulous, among them, sauna service must indicate the guest such as hypertensive, heart disease, cerebral haemorrhage, drinking excessive must not be used.

It is reported, henan saves restaurant of travel star class to exceed 400, formed the industrial dimensions that comparative. But rental rate is guest room only 61% , under countrywide average level. That day, personnel attending the meeting looked around in place of city international group belongs to a hotel, listen to the experience introduction of the restaurant such as river of great river bright and beautiful.

It is reported, this " standard " and " criterion for evaluation of restaurant of travel star class " be about to allot. Astral class restaurant will be honorary title no longer, run the important sign that serves a level however.