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Receipt management must standard

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The receipt is an enterprise daily often in the activity, record money is met the effective bill of income and expenses, it is the proof that place of customer settle accounts needs.
1, it is clear to write a receipt to want his, carefully and nearly, do not get alter, daub, special situation to need to alter a bill, must search to sign when class manager, make clear a reason, otherwise uniform by run odd processing, receipt of tear to shreds of do sth without authorization person, earnest processing.
2, the receipt writes uniform use ball-pen, color is black or orchid color, fill in with pencil the receipt regards as cogged undertake handling.
3, custodial good bill must not be lost, attaint receipt, filling in must see well when the receipt just can fill in, press otherwise cogged undertake handling. The time when the receipt fills in must accurate without by accident.
4, issue sheet by the person, one guest one sheet, do not leak odd. When guest checkout, must make clear on the receipt should hair and fact receive amount. Bill pool calculates one group, the receipt does not get a disorder, do not accept beforehand otherwise.
5, when handing in a receipt everyday, must have discharged running water date, it is clear to arrange. The receipt becomes invalid uniform lid becomes invalid chapter, search to sign when class manager.
6, when the receipt receives silver, without cash paid chapter, regard as run odd processing, encounter a receipt to repeat, leakage date phenomenon, must state become invalid.