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The ceremony that the hotel serves and courtesy

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What is ceremony?
Ceremony is the outside expression of pair of other manners and behavior regulation, it is courteous the specific provision that waits for a respect in language, behavior, bearing.
What is courteous?
Courtesy is esteem and friendly behavior standard represent each other between people.
Why does the hotel want aggrandizement ceremony, courteous education?
(1) ceremony, courtesy is the core of hotel service quality;
(2) ceremony, courtesy is the main factor that the hotel wins passenger source;
(3) hotel must complete an exquisite ceremony, courteous.
Why hotel must complete an exquisite ceremony courtesy?
The hotel stresses the issue that ceremony, courtesy is faculty, it is downstage no matter still be tiring-room, want to pay attention to ceremony, courtesy. Courtesy is each other, esteem is friendly also be each other, the clerk should pay attention to courtesy to the guest, administrator also wants courtesy to treat to the clerk, between fluctuation class, courtesy also should be paid attention to between the colleague. Only such ability create mutual and a mutual respect, friendly atmosphere and relaxed and happy work environment. Employee ability serves for the client better, inferior also the job with pleasurable ability, rise thereby asperse inn to rectify resting work efficiency, accordingly, hotel faculty must pay attention to ceremony, courtesy, and administrator should make the model that follows ceremony, courtesy.
What basic and courteous term does the hotel have?
Weigh apostrophe: That that that young lady, madam, madam, gentleman, comrade, leading cadre, gentleman, lady, leading cadre, eldest sister, aunt, hello!
Greeting language: Welcome you to come our hotel, welcome you enter this building, welcome aboard.
Complimentary language: Hello, good morning, good afternoon, early, good morning, good afternoon, good evening, the hardship on the road.
Congratulant language: Congratulation, wish you the festival is happy, wish you merry christmas, wish you have a pleasant journey, welcome you to come again next time.
Apologetic language: I am sorry, excuse please, disturb you, discourteous.
Thank language: Thank, special acknowledgment.
Respondent language: Yes, good, I understood, those who thank you is well-intentioned, not polite, irrespective, I should do this.
Consult language: What thing do you have excuse me? (What can I do for you? ) what to need me to help you do? Do you still have other issue? You like (need, can, , , , , , ) ? Ask you, , , , ?
Basic and courteous diction 10 words: Hello, please, thank, I am sorry, adieu.
Commonly used and courteous diction 11: Please, you, thank, I am sorry, excuse please, irrespective, never mind, not you are polite, early, hello, adieu.
In serving to the guest, service diction should notice the following:
(3 people of 1) above speaks, want to use the language that knows each other;
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