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How to provide courteous service for guest

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Hotel industry is a service type business, since reforming and opening, the hotel industry of our country had great progress, made positive contribution for the development of tourism and trade line of business. The service object of hotel industry is a person, its consumptive object also is a person. As a restaurant from personnel of course of study, should with " guest is consummate " the tenet serves Yu Bin's customer, provide the most genuine courteous service for guest.

The first, restaurant should notice appearance appearance from personnel of course of study. Regard restaurant as personnel, appearance appearance is very important, because the job of restaurant is,offer to guest direct face-to-face service, the guest that should let come from far and near leaves deep impression to restaurant. A restaurant administration expert ever had said: "Enter hotel is old, want to see the figure of employee only, tell me guest room amount again, can evaluate the income that gives this restaurant to do business and profit roughly. " figure represents class, class decides the value, the price produces beneficial result, this is the abide ring of a chain-reacting. To restaurant from personnel of course of study for, it is very necessary that appearance is decorated, can repair congenital inadequacy, also be esteem guest reflect, but not sedulous pursuit dresses up; Wear heavy make-up not overly also, such meetings affect the mood of guest. Still need to pay attention to individual sanitation, the sanitation with good nurturance is used to, want to avoid a few undesirable chronic petty action on working station. Like eye of frown, narrow one's eyes, dig nostril to wait.

The 2nd, restaurant should notice language style of conversation from personnel of course of study. Style of conversation should be accomplished on the language cultured, dialect is close to sweet embellish, volume moderate, the statement is fluent. Above all the language wants cultured, cultured language is beautiful. Want " please " word in the van, "Wither " word subsequently, "Hello " do not leave an opening. When labour is serving the member that promote restaurant, should have " 5 " , avoid " 4 language " . Have " 5 " there should be the reputation that greet a visitor when visitors comes namely, there should be accost reputation when encountering guest, there should be reputation of express one's thanks to when help getting a person, there should be excuse reputation when troublesome guest, when guest leaves store, should have see a visitor out sound; Avoid " 4 language " it is to show avoid speaks language of disparaging language, be agitated language, negative, mump. Hotel staff needs to hold the position of the actor's part sometimes, when occurrence awkwardness occasion, want to be good at adapt oneself to changing circumstances. Break bowl dish not carefully in the guest for instance, usable " be born blossoms, rong Hua of riches and honour " language will alleviate nervous atmosphere. Everybody hopes he is have an outstanding eloquence, can rich literary grace, humorous humor, Tan Xiao freelies, this needs the reserve of each respect knowledge, add more at ordinary times take exercise, to the heart just can be gotten to answer when using mouth.
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