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Midday dinner service sets detailed rules

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1 dest clerk: Greeting guest comes, appellation guest gentleman / young lady hello.
2 ask whether the guest orders a station: If did not answer,arrange proper place for the guest instantly.
3 sides guest pulls a chair, let guest seating.
Guest of the 1 welcome before going up, pull a chair to let guest seating, pull chair to want to notice courtesy.
Below the 2 bone dish that open the napkin on the desk to be put at the guest or on genu, notice gesticulation is correct.
The 3 drink before asking a guest eat.
4 cliques towel should use towel rack to the guest full-dress, notice towel maintains temperature.
5 give guest pour soy within soy dish, but what do not want pour is too full.
6 place mustard sauce, if the guest wants drink, can serve drink again. After drink is placed, if the guest wants food, should follow hot boiled water one crock, but sauce of along with mustard is placed simultaneously.
7 sign should note when doffing chopstick jacket, call in on wheeler the towel that the guest has used.
The 8 cards that give food prepare to order dishes to the guest. The first page must be opened to give a visitor when the card that give food, be like a foreigner must
Everybody an eat card. (Eat card namely cookbook) .
9 when the guest asks to keep food, the clerk should notice situation of station standing position to want decorous. Write Wan Ke to hit must repeat a guest to hear wanted dish name, let a guest make clear the cooked food that he selects again.
Juice sauce goes up first when 10 serving, hind serving, hold rotary table to turn slowly according to the clockwise next circuit.
Each 11 dish should sign up to listen to the guest, the attention is courteous.
What does guest of 12 active inquiries want.
13 have soup to must go up first like this, help a guest press number allocation.
14 give guest hind when all food, clear mesa, add ask whether the guest needs sweetmeats or fruit even besides boiled water, the fruit should follow toothpick and knife and fork.
15 act according to on hot towel gives a visitor.
16 preparation checkout should keep clear number, station sign gives point receiving silver.
17 when guest requirement checkout, the clerk puts bill into the checkout before the guest table that makes bury sending inside account book namely.
18 guests should leave when pull chair immediately, courteous many thanks guest, welcome next time again presence.
After 19 guests go, clear immediately mesa places food things afresh, give serve next time.
20 buy tea or drink for the guest constantly.
21 first female hind male, elder is most preferential, year young person after be.