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La Hai 2 period add a " newly to fall in love with apartment "

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3 inferior fall in love with go vacationing apartment configuration is all ready, decorate a style distinctive, establishment is perfect: 24 hours of sitting room, balcony, independent toilet, air conditioning, TV, hot water, free broadband gets online, free city word, free hammock, natant circle, children digs sanded tool to wait, have the establishment of form a complete set such as swimming-pool, tennis court, gym more.

If you think " early morning sees the tide since tide fall, evening listens billows sound enters Mian " , so come 3 inferior fall in love with go vacationing apartment, won't make you disappointed absolutely, here, your meeting has an unforgettable perfect vacation.



Retail sales price

Network value

Lan Hai 2 period listen to billows cabinet 1311, 1312, 1313

One hall guards one house, area 49 smooth



Lan Hai 2 period listen billows 903 cabinet

One room one hutch protects one office, area 60 smooth



Lan Hai 2 period 18b

Two rooms two hall one hutch two defend, 100 smooth



Lan Hai 2 period18c

3 rooms one hutch protects two office, 140 smooth



Contact: Mr Huang

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