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Inferior dragon bay mangrove goes vacationing the hotel receives in glory 5 star

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According to level of state of People's Republic of China " of class of travel hotel star differentiate reach assess " (GBT14308---2003) , via assess of committee of assess of restaurant of class of countrywide travel star, inferior dragon bay mangrove goes vacationing the hotel is 5 astral class restaurant of Chinese at rising on July 14, 2008.

China is provided exclusively cling to of amorous feelings of li island tropics go vacationing hotel, Hainan 3 inferior inferior Long Wan mangrove goes vacationing the hotel is located in inferior Long Wan's heartland, carry mountain range sea on the back. The hotel is be in charge of today by Beijing the group invests, SASAKI of American landscape company is designed, did business formally on March 18, 2005. Design of space of distinctive X, Y floor makes hotel put in order is gotten more open open, there is 70% to have gallant seascape in 502 rooms, the sanded general view of blue sea silver of Jiang Yalong bay does not have involuntary discharge of urine. Open the old hall of type, connect the passage that show, environmental protection and return uncut jade to put in true integral design 's charge, sum advantaged situation, no matter be to sit in old hall,let you, or the guest room that lies in inapproachable seascape, can feel the fresh sea breeze that is absent to nowhere.