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Bai Yue installs Da Ci hotel of two 7 stars settle 3 inferior

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The reporter understood yesterday, 3 inferior bureau of city plan and construction already was met at holding project expert to evaluate recently, limited company of development of in relief to 3 Asia-Pacific bay refers " program of construction of Bai Yue hotel of 3 Asia-Pacific in relief bay is designed " and " bay of 3 Asia-Pacific this world is advanced go vacationing the area builds a gender to plan to repair in detail make up " undertake evaluating. Classics expert group is evaluated seriously, these two plan are obtained through.
The sun bay that by 3 Asia-Pacific this world the bay develops limited company to invest build is advanced go vacationing area, cover an area of 542 mus, the program builds public house of class of two 7 stars -- , " ParkHyatt- Bai Yue " go vacationing hotel and " Andaz- An Daci " high-quality goods hotel, whole project plans to invest about 4 billion yuan.