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Hotel of first 7 stars class settle 3 inferior

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Chief of a tribe of afterwards A couplet enlighten do obeisance to famed world " caique hotel " later, china 3 inferior will roll out the whole world the high-end hotel of level of grade of the 2nd 7 stars, this is hotel of the first 7 stars class of Chinese.

This hotel will build bay of Yu Sanya Chinese flowering crabapple, by magnate of international hotel industry -- Fei Ermeng group hangs out his shingle manage, name for " hotel of mangrove Fei Ermeng " . On September 5, the hotel casts those representing capital -- be in charge of today group (business special administrative area, the building below the banner dish) with Feiermengji the group already was signed entrust administrative agreement.

Bay of Chinese flowering crabapple and 3 inferior bay, inferior bay of Long Wan, big the East China Sea, cliff city bay is paratactic for 3 inferior 5 names bay, saved a government to approve a program by Hainan on May 26, 2007, fixed position is " national coast " , as " national calling card " will make, the program grows about 30 kilometers with ground north and south, the thing is average wide about 8 kilometers, gross area makes an appointment with 150 square kilometer. "Mangrove cost Er covers a public house " the central area that is located in bay of Chinese flowering crabapple, the program has 20 seaside hotel of 5 stars class, "Mangrove cost Er covers a public house " it is hotel of only 7 stars class with the ground.

According to introducing, this plot makes an appointment with 323 mus, border of an a luxurious yacht club, 27 holes exceed luxurious golf field and Asia's biggest marine park, the earliest Hong Kong is small preterhuman Li Zejie and enlighten do obeisance to group of Zhu Meila of luxurious hotel tycoon to want to be copied here for a time " caique hotel " , land action is patted the success that take the land is in charge of today when hanging.

Current, the hotel of level of 7 stars grade with accepted whole world is only enlighten do obeisance to " Arabia thises " hotel, common says " caique hotel " one. Caique hotel is enlighten the urban sign that do obeisance to and calling card.

50 years ago, enlighten doing obeisance to still is a common littoral small town only, the oil natural resources that discovered 1966 also can't support enlighten the long-term development that do obeisance to, 10 years ago, should be as high as 321 meters " caique hotel " unpluggingly and case, enlighten Bai Caizhen was getting of the whole world fix eyes upon. Enlighten the sightseeing accommodation number that do obeisance to the nearly 2 million person from 1996, grow more than 7 million person, since 2003 the income of tourism has surmounted oil income to become enlighten do obeisance to the mainest income source, 31% what hold local economy total value, among them of 7 stars class " caique hotel " result cannot do not have.

In recent years, 3 inferior the impetus that travel industry appears a high speed to develop, data shows, number of international home travel rises the 5.32 million person 2007 from the about 1.78 million person 2001, with year all the speed of 20% is in growth.
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