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Guangzhou Asian Games will have a Muslim designated hotel restaurant services

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Recently, a reporter from the Asian Games in Guangzhou, Foshan Mobilization Division Food Security General Assembly was informed that the technical officials for the Games and journalists to provide accommodation and meals for two fixed-point transformation of the hotel and training venue has been fully carried out, and the two hotels will be Halal restaurant, additional features for Muslim officials, journalists and spectators service. A special dish for ten people to do dishes "Think of all drooling, according to requirements of Asian Games, Asian Games host point needs to add halal restaurant and hotel kitchens," Foshan, Guangzhou Asian Games, one of the Division designated host hotel Grand Hyatt Hotel Deputy General Manager He Yanyang Foshan introduction of new . Foshan designated to receive the main hotel for the Asian Games offers Cantonese food services, to meet the requirements of Asian Games, will also be specially recruited chef will do halal food, halal restaurant to open the Asian Games, the hotel facilities were renovated and updated parts. According to reports, although the Asian Muslim chef Chair, but still acceptable to other chefs with Asian Games training to posts. He Yanyang said that the Games are demanding any work. Dishes, the Asian Games, the hotel will be designated to develop the menu, arranged by the hotel chef according to a single operation, not a creative play. Each dish on the menu in order to ensure the integrity and security of the production of a dish by a team of about ten people to complete. Award established to report food safety or security Asian Games Yesterday, food safety on the Asian Games, Vice Mayor of Foshan City, Mak Kit-wah said that this was the most important task this year, food safety, food safety requirements of various sectors of the Committee the following, "playing the twelfth of the spirit" of the Asian Games Council venues, reception hotels, tourist attractions next to the food catering business units and the provision of a comprehensive special campaigns, and twice asked for "the relevant departments to 24 hours a day, leading with the class." At the meeting, Mrs Jenny, Foshan City, China comes despite the various departments working at full speed to ensure that people enjoy their food, but this year there are still substandard food or meat, such as the magic of beef, beef injection. Data show that the first half of this year to increase economic and trade department of water meat, Bing Hairou, Situlanzai crackdown on such illegal, investigate cases of 6, 4 dens banned, confiscated 12,620 kg pig meat, "food safety may consider adding a new office system, such as reporting prize, the public enterprises involved in monitoring various types of food production and process control of food safety or national mobilization will be more effective. " ● pioneer Olympic halal restaurants 2008 Beijing Olympic Games set features halal restaurant serving roast lamb, roast beef and other traditional Muslim dishes; restaurant, you can see a very unique piece and porcelain decorated spines, as well as Muslim waiter dressed in green skirt.