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Hainan Airlines to recruit flight attendants in fat tomorrow Yin Rui Lin Hotel

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Learned from Hainan Airlines, the capital of Hainan Airlines Group is scheduled to air Dec. 3 -6 at Hefei Yin Rui Lin International Hotel recruitment crew / security staff, if you have not had time to register online, you can also register to the site. It is understood that the image of the primary station of Hefei HNA time Dec. 3 -6 days, the interview site in Hefei Yin Rui Lin International Hotel. Interview process-specific assessment of qualifications (pre-) → Image primaries (December 3 -4 days) → Spoken Language Assessment (December 3 -4 days) → Cultural Quality Assessment (December 5) → General retest ( December 6). For details, please log in HNA Group website.