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Festival "under siege" hotel how to deal with labor shortage

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Christmas, New Year's Day have come, and immediately after the Spring Festival. The arrival of the festival, the hotel business will usher in the hot wave, because of this, the hotel's services will become very busy, but the hotel staff is also Long holiday. According to several foreign reporters Beijing hotel, Christmas, and even the foreigners in Beijing to open the hotel to catch a home for Christmas, foreign hotel management staff will also face shortages. New Year period, in accordance with national sections Holiday Holiday, three days a small holiday, the hotel will celebrate the peak traffic on the attendant's demand will increase significantly. The arrival of the Spring Festival, the hotel waiter will become more scarce, despite the Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year each In all, the hotel also has its own natural response to the peak holiday traffic measures, however, some hotels are still made some incredible offense, and each year for holidays, a "labor shortage" wine Store locations which are different areas, the hotel industry will be how to solve this problem? Hotel am "no rhetoric," said the illegal labor department Holidays coming, it is understood, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Hai Duong Hotel today written notice to all employees that no longer accept the staff's letter of resignation. Hai Duong Hotel in New North Road, Tong Jiang, is a four-star dining and accommodation hotel in Changzhou, quite well known. Haiyang Hotel food and beverage department, according to a waitress Xiao Zheng speaking, as early as November 25, Haiyang Hotel Written notice to all employees: "From now until 2011, during the Spring Festival, the company will be allowed employees to resign." 12th floor to the hotel reporters are seeing the walls of the hotel administrative offices with a blackboard and posted links Notice that read: "All departments, their staff, according to the prevailing rules and hotel industry practice, it was decided that, since November 25, 2010, the hotel staff no longer accept the resignation of all, please spread the employees and To give understanding. "In the final notice, Hai Duong Hotel is inscribed and stamped with company seal. Hotel President, Assistant General Hsieh explained to reporters: we also know that to do with the law contrary to, but it is quite upset. Xie general introduction, issued a notice to employees before the company weighed the pros and cons. However, the catering industry has its Specificity, but the current staff are also frequent demand. Especially near the end of the year, the banquet, wedding full almost every day, the waiter should not have enough, coupled with the Spring Festival, Chinese New Year hotel staff to return home, resulting in non-staff Often in short supply. General Xie to continue, says: "New Year, many employees have to leave food and beverage break, if the company does not agree, they will look for a job." On the one hand is needed at the end of the banquet staff filled the other employees in order to return Have leave home, but under the company before making this decision, in order to retain employees. The total Xie said that the company does not prohibit employees forced to resign, but as the case may be, if employees with special circumstances at home Really need to go home, they will appropriate consent. Finally, the total Hsieh said the company will recover the notice, cancel the prohibition decision to resign. The labor department said the move has been illegal. Reporter learned from the labor department, the labor contract period, one month in advance if the employee resigns must inform the employer, but do not require employer consent. If the employer to Prohibit all forms of legal staff to resign, in breach of the provisions of labor law. Taiyuan Hotels are "labor shortage" Near New Year's Day, Spring Festival, many migrant workers in Taiyuan City began to return home, hotel, hotels, supermarkets and other labor-intensive enterprises a "labor shortage." It is understood that reporters near the passenger station in Taiyuan East to encounter Several driving, where the "interception" of migrant workers returned home boss. Higher pay, reduced overtime and a series of conditions that migrant workers to go home together with a trace of hesitation. Hubei Ji said one of migrant workers, in fact, There are more than a month from the Chinese New Year, so early to go home, first, because low incomes, live more than dry addition, price increases this year, the daily cost of living increase, but also the reasons for their early return home.