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4 keys that dining-room kitchen decorates

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4 keys that dining-room kitchen decorates

The kitchen of cafeteria is the only place that produces dietary product, also be the base that chef uses this place to develop ability and wisdom and skill at the same time, reasonable kitchen designs layout to matter to food quality to measure, aborning is attached most importance to especially should. Kitchen layout design is reasonable and proper, not only the work efficiency that can improve chef works with reducing intensity, and the mood in can making the job high-strung gets cheerful. By this token helps somebody attain his aim better more. Taste quality to raise vegetable ceaselessly, finish dish smoothly to taste sale job, the kitchen is when design of early days layout, also should invite the expert inside course of study to offer guidance, must not be ignored and make do with be engaged in. Height 3, 4 meters The operator of chophouse cares antechamber to decorate more commonly in how, treat the construction details of the kitchen seriously rarely. Because some is to make over show a room to manage, make things done with whatever is avaible, oversight the area of the kitchen and due height. Because some restaurant operator does not understand and undertook unreasonable decorating, the kitchen that has built is too short, the steam when chef works and high temperature send out very hard, cause chef the job is very no-go. The Ying Shen when the kitchen is being designed considers the kitchen is place of high temperature work again, how to reach thermal drop lowest, the height of the building is very important. Clear height of general requirement kitchen should not reach 4 meters under 3.5 meters; It is to facilitate sweep sanitation, 2 it is to maintain airiness. Additionally the ceiling of coping had better be used bibulous and sound-absorbing the effect is good, rigor does not have seamed material. Metope is smooth and slippery Because the temperature inside the kitchen is higher smeary more, the glossy material with metope not easy and bibulous application is decorated. Be like white ceramic tile, square or rectangle all but; The shop makes a method should spread roof ministry continuously from wall bottom horn, want a shop to get even, orderly, aperture wants between ceramic tile close, touch in case smeary hind clean not easily. Ventilated have assure At present cafeteria kitchen is using fuel to go up to be given priority to with gas, natural gas, derv more. In treatment the meeting in lighting a course produces the harmful gas such as many carbon monoxide, lampblack and steam. The platoon fan with the measurable installation inside the kitchen is very necessary, fan of eye in front of is step of important take a breath and means. Once the kitchen is in the job,platoon wind is illogical free, will bring about the service life of other equipment inside the kitchen to reduce, measure generation to the safe production of chef and food quality at the same time adverse, especially the health of body and mind to him chef can have serious effect, have the possibility that causes disease of some kind of respiratory system even. Sort of the equipment that discharge wind is more, general cafeteria should try to choose according to his actual condition. Among them ventilated cover, platoon sends wind air conditioning kitchen of fan, ventilator, convulsions, automatically to wait. Installation of equipment of take a breath ends, in use should be cleaned regularly, maintain, use undeserved occurrence attaint and other accident in case.
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