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Kitchen ministry grooms element dish beautification adorns a law

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No matter be family or dining-room wine shop, cook dish to cannot leave to use oil mostly. Qing Dynasty is fried Lenten or fry bit of oil is put when making meat dishes, besides having the effect that delivers heat energy, return the flavor of OK and harmonic dish, the appetite of promotional people, also can think with oil human body is offerred at the same time indispensable adipose.

However, at present a lot of chef took an error however when cook uses oil: It is to think " oily much not bad food " and " black case put oil " ; 2 be cannot master good oil according to the characteristic of dish lukewarm; 3 it is will oily use repeatedly, because chemistry changes and the nutrient composition that makes grease medium is destroyed, the health of the person that at the same time generation gives toxic substance and affect edible. For this, talk in the light of these 3 kinds of phenomena especially how reasonable with oil, consult for everybody.

(One) when cooking cooked food, want with oil right amount

When making food, mix with oil like using other sauce, answer with right amount to spend. Oil is put little, cooked food will be dry, lack fat profit sense; Oil is put much, grease can form oily film wrap up to be on raw material, make the flavoring of other enters raw material interior hard, affect the taste of dish thereby. And when the amount that use oil is too large, the cooked food that needs to tick off Gorgon euryale is appearing possibly still Gorgon euryale not all, the case with juice separate makings. Of course, oil became much still can make the person produces fat move, affect appetite finally.

Additional, oil is put in dish overmuch, to the person healthy adverse also. As a result of dish with oil overmuch, of dish outside a grease, after person edible, the digestive juice in intestines and stomach cannot be contacted completely with food, influence human body is digested to alimental and absorb thereby, cause diarrhoea easily even. Additional, if people often has a stodge, still meet those who increase bile and pancreatic juice secrete, cause cholecystitis and pancreatitis, bring about " 3 tall " disease happening.

So when cooking cooked food, put after all how many oil does ability consider right amount?

Will tell commonly, stir-fry directly with small oil, the 25 ~ that should occupy raw material dosage with oily quantity 30% , namely what people says normally " small oily bowl " . This kind of dish has element to fry pea needle, fry grouse end of flesh of simmer in water of red, salt, beef fries bubble cowpea to wait, dish is had to be over after feeding the characteristic that grow juice does.

Certain dish stems from boarding, grace, increase sweet need or to achieve fragile, tender, crisp, sweet goal, often ask to use the method of oil or slippery oil when the fried dish.

Go oily, be will piece, paragraph or plastic raw material is put into flourishing oily boiler, case of caky, bear, figuration, chromatically mixes made be heated fragile the method that change. Law taking oil is a lot of dish beforehand ripe treatment method, multi-purpose at in order to burn, stew, gather up, the dish that the law such as saute becomes dish. The 4-5 that walks along oily law to be raw material commonly with oily quantity times, some comes more 10 times, reason calls lard pot. After raw material goes oily, should will oily drop is net, so that next time reoccupy, 30% what accordingly its use oily quantity actually to occupy raw material dosage about, wait like fish of sweet-and-sour tenderloin, crackling.
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