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Solve light gas to use malpractice = to increase management profit

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Light gas to use malpractice = to increase management profit definitely -- intelligence is changed light gas to use control system to solve problem of waste burning gas thoroughly

Product advantage:

1.Connect those who cross high-tech to apply, turn control to lighting intelligence of gas air current, do not change chef job habit, implementation is when kitchen conflagration cooking, the conflagration when leaving kitchen range goes out, kitchen hall exists without fire, can stop gas to stop wind right now, enter energy-saving state, preparation is in next time the arrival of the conflagration when kitchen. Whole journey automata, need not expend artificial, energy-saving environmental protection.

2.In add, outfit dish with the time that brushs the boiler such as boiler to leave kitchen range paragraph inside, cut off conflagration, avoid to be lighted for nothing, managing burn gas, energy-saving effect can achieve 30% above completely, if cooking is busy, solar term effect can be achieved 40% . Many managing energy resources, increased to light angry use time thereby, decreased to light air fare expenses, also increased to manage gain for operator.

3. cuts off conflagration effectively, can effective drop kitchen job temperature, improve working environment, reduce the waste gas harm to chef, improve chef work efficiency, have environmental protection effect. And can prolong hearth service life, reduce management expenses cost thereby.

Product job principle "

Carry high-tech kind, use infrared ray to detect the position that fry pan, after analysing data through microcomputer number next, hand the injunction fuel to control device, achieve size of control air current and fan switch thereby, boiler is brushed in reducing fried dish process effectively, buy makings, outfit dish wait for boiler to leave the fuel inside kitchen time wasteful, achieve very good energy-saving result.


This tasting belong to high-tech patent product, use this product not only a large number of can managing lighting gas, reduce expenses expenses, increase profit, and improve kitchen work environment, protect kitchenware establishment. The kitchen of be worthy of the name is energy-saving environmental protection expert.