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Products of the kitchen in meal ministry runs a system

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System of goods and materials of the kitchen in ministry of meal of ***** big public house, property management is spent

The hotel is executed all the time to the kitchen in meal ministry external the administrative mechanism that responsibility contracts. Do not suffer lose to assure the goods and materials of the hotel, belongings, special system of goods and materials of the kitchen in protocol meal ministry, property management.

1, in hutch contracts to just must be in charge of to hotel manager, inside its lieutenancy, of machinery of equipment of kitchen utensils and appliances of the kitchen in assuring, refrigerating equipment, food and facilities of electric equipment facilities it is normal to move, encounter when breakdown is reached, the newspaper is repaired.

2, contract when facilities of facilities of kitchen of square in use, because manage not do one's best,be like or use undeserved the damage that causes facilities facilities, its repair cost, bad news material is expended by contract to just be in charge of, inspect its damage level to make compensate for or give economy punishment.

3, act on " who is used, who is responsible " principle, hutch contracts to just must register movement of statistical facilities facilities and use condition list by the month in, the newspaper is mixed to meal ministry engineering department.

4, if contract,just leave store. Hand over formalities from what goods and materials, belongings and equipment must handle before inn,

Its goods and materials, belongings must complete nondestructive; The equipment loss that if exceed,uses normally should take into consideration the circumstances gives compensation.

This system begins to carry out since this day!