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The water table system of post responsibility that ministry of normal hotel hutc

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One, the treatment that should master all sorts of animals handles a technology, the fertilizer that can identify all sorts of animals, thin, old, tender, female, male cent, know processing, raise the job, time water supply produces an animal to change water and add oxygen, raise surviving rate. .

2, master behead, case, cut, pick, washed operation technology.

3, master all sorts of animals rise to lead.

4, master more careful division of labor, help chopping block work.

5, the butcher that is in charge of using all sorts of animals daily and rough machining.

6, when machining an animal, implement wholesome system strictly, need the raw material that cleans clean place treatment carefully.

7, the refrigerant provision that by extraction of sheet of pick up the goods kitchen place wants that day and raw material and vegetable.

8, the sanitation of responsible cadre area, the branch is closed after coming off work the switch such as all water, report, gas.