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The system of post responsibility of the member that check and accept that minis

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One, be in charge of purchasing goods to buyer, the article such as the raw material that the supplier delivers, tableware checks and accept nuclear price, piece check and accept sheet. Do not check and accept cankered and degenerative food. .

2, the requirement has certain professional ability, have to the quality standards of raw material, food differentiate capability, the principle holds to on the job, maintain hotel interest.

3, will check and accept account of nucleus of accountant of deposit receipt knot every months, the requirement classifies draw up, a surname looks consecution is clear about.

4, every month, every season and supplier check and ratify implement new price, requirement goods is compared 3 calm, accomplish good in quality and cheap in price.

5, abide by working rules strictly, listen to dining-room kitchen to be opposite at any time the opinion of raw material, food, appliance, improve the work at any time, the movement that assures branch of a gleam of goes on wheels.

6, counterpoise shindig, bender, the article that VIP guest recieves, food should guard a pass strictly.

7, the other mission that manager of department of the meal that finish joins a group temporarily.