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Why must have been kitchen administration done

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The management of meal quality, deciding the fame of the hotel and benefit in some sense. The kitchen is the core of meal, the runs cultivate meal government main component of the kitchen. .

The level of management of the kitchen and give character to measure, the characteristic that affects meal directly, manage reach beneficial result. Current meal market, contend for unexpectedly unusually intense, enterprise of a meal whether stand firm in competition, expand manage, shape color, the controller of the kitchen- - chef is chief (or administrative total hutch) bear important task, there is no shirking the responsibility.

About kitchen management, oneself have trifling experience, it is the crystallization of profession of old kitchen administration, come out its dedication now, consult for everybody well point out mistakes so that they can be corrected.

One, manage of stage of post division of labor makes clear reasonable division of labor is the premise that makes sure the kitchen is produced, hutch layer should make treasure station according to producing distribution of circumstance, establishment, facilities, make clear a regulation according to having the function of post and requirement are made again next, form a character, hand, let every employee understand his responsibility, this constitution works into what, be in charge of to who, should understand without by accident.

2, the Xian Shanhe of the system supervises and urge after the system is built, answer to be perfected stage by stage according to running a condition, the award of employee is punished wait for relatively sensitive regulation to should try to make clear, it is clear to limit. Flow at the form to prevent a system, should strengthen superintend and director to examine strength, can install superintend and director to check administrator, assist hutch division commander to fulfil, executive equipment system (administrator and employee scale should consult 1: 12) , correct most kitchen to have arrangement, manage common fault without what fulfil, ensure routine is carried out strictly by the regulation, make the kitchen works heavy arrangement, severe fulfil. The regulations system of hutch layer is the guidance that employee works, after making system of post duty, regulations, superintend and director examine way, go further there is Zhang Ke follow when the management that strengthens pair of personnel.

3, the person's post division of labor with this rational management, sound system, deserve to have the personnel of high quality, what ability makes is good run, contemporary hutch layer should transform the weighs craft not to weigh true oneself artistic appreciation only malady in traditional idea. Want to know, craft level can represent the past only, the craftsman of theory of Yo experience, lack is very difficult make a contribution somewhat, besides, in the kitchen of sootiness person burn, if personnel accomplishment is bad, provoke dispute extremely easily. Indeed, the kitchen is when the employee that recruit cannot base of oversight true skill, but should raise the requirement in culture culture field more. Have rich working experience only, solid craft grave plinth, combine effective academic guidance, engraft again the concept of operator, dish manufactures to just can be broken through somewhat, form a style, communicate more easily also in daily life with harmonious.
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