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100 be filled with: Of brand of chain of meal course of study " hatch implement

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Much beauty, piscine fish bolus, illicit enjoys a country dish... Wen Zhou 100 be filled with dietary management limited company to resemble meal brand " hatch implement " , one pace ground is realizing the dream of dietary kingdom.

From join in chain mode starts, be in a few years short inside time, the enterprises of 100 a meal that are filled with rapid development to become Wen Zhou to manage chain career to implement scale quite, subordinate much beauty, piscine fish bolus, illicit enjoys a country dish, 100 get the better of bee to all get developing flourishingly by right of chain, at present management is worn inn of door of brand of close a hunderd schools.

The way that the 100 chain that be filled with develop, the success that is each brand not just creats, more be scientific progress, harmonious development reflect.

"Much beauty " it is a start only

"The dream is an egg, come to its hatch quickly to be able to deteriorate very much " , this is character of a when be filled with president Xuan Jie 100 clear sense. To realize a dream, create and Xuan Jie always grasps an opportunity as far as possible. He has done tire business, had sold gift, had managed dress, also opened Wen Zhou inn of gauze of the first marriage, he turns into the idea in the heart one by one reality.

He of thinking lead, rich courage and insight also notices Western-style snack market later, once asked to join in Kendeji, be rejected by the other side however. Later accidental opportunity, his savor the spring chicken with much more beautiful Singapore, the dream of management meal again bud. He runs to ask to join in again much beauty, however again by close the door on of the other side. But passed two years, he clinging again " aggression " , obtained dealership of lukewarm city district finally with 2 million yuan.

But everybody cannot expect, much beauty can have what kind of market in Wen Zhou. Someone says even, take this egg to touch the world 500 strong -- Kendeji this stone, do not give 3 months to be met cease all activities. Those who make a person accident is, much beauty from try do business begin, the person that keeps exuberant all the time is angry. From family civilian inn holds water to now, 100 be filled with already owned nearly 50 many beautiful store.

5 million tuition is bought " dedicated "

In lukewarm city of much more beautiful and successful base oneself upon while, xuan Jie plans again new commercial blueprint, begin sortie other industry, he is dreaming to be able to be managed picture " 7-11 convenience inn " the convenience inn of famed in that way world. Very fast, he is in lukewarm city hook in 5 partner, oneself hold 60% share, registered advantage to interlink a firm, invest 8.8 million yuan. But because operate medium difficulty actually, this he had a deficit many yuan 500. Deep lesson let him make important decision from quarter that when sell convenience store: He should make kingdom of a food, the business that has nothing to do with food is uniform do not do. He says, work must dedicated, develop must science.
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