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Opening wide the kitchen to the person to look is good step

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After the food quality disturbance of in quick succession, food company the public examine place in " participate in " the position. Not only the enterprise that is home is held again and again " open day " , when fatigue with respect to Lian Mai such tycoon that cross a state also opens wide his kitchen look to the person.

Without giving thought to final result how, this affirmation is a kind of active practice. An enterprise that bear the blame should enhance management diaphaneity ceaselessly, let what consumer participates in a product supervise, in order to strengthen the degree of belief of people. And these enterprises are held " open day " main purpose also depends on this.

Notable is, of some enterprises " open day " arise when disharmonious ingredient produces inside the industry, belong to " mend the fold after a sheep is lost " lift, it is good of course to walk out of this one pace, but if a few earlier better.

Will look from sale, the enterprise needs hard to prove his individual character to consumer, the common people that lets consume psychological grade can choose the food that he trusts with the eye. From strategy for, the enterprise is opened earlier, prove oneself product early, so that extend the market early, it is the one pace good step of on the offensive of race to control.

In fact, some companies go in front, savor benefit. If Ma Lan plays a side, early makes his kitchen open a kitchen for transparent type, after that benefit Pansheng lets store of a lot of snack in succession follow the lead of.

Come round to look with respect to eye, "Open day " the wholesome state that allowed consumer to see an operation go up only, the customer that can invite a part temporarily only is at ease temporarily from the feeling. Additional, if scattered " open day " turn into system sex is open it is difficult to exist really, open may build an influence to normal production classics, the enterprise can pay higher cost accordingly, but the argument that this cannot make an enterprise reject to open.

Foregone gives the first condition, become a kind of long-term institution next, hope this makes a kind of trend of food and meal enterprise.