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See restaurant standardization and personalized service from double element theo

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Summary: Current, individuation of be current of domestic hotel industry serves, but most restaurant did not understand the adj concern between standardization and individuation, will explain the standardization that restaurant serves and individuation from double element theory, it is a new perspective, can make restaurant administrator directer deeper understanding standardization service and personalized service, coach effectively then domestic restaurant should the direction of management priority.

Keyword: Double element is academic; Standardization serves; Individuation serves

From 1987 our country begins to execute open to the outside world since policy, short the time that does not arrive 30 years, no matter the hotel industry of our country is the quality of industry dimensions or facilities facilities, still managed idea or level of management to already obtained great progress. Go up in the hardware establishment of restaurant especially, inside course of study think generally, the hotel industry of our country is assuming already the level at world developed country. But, inadequacy of domestic restaurant competition ability is a fact however. Of course, the face has a lot of factors here. But have a bit we must take seriously, domestic hotel industry used the time that does not arrive 30 years to finish foreign restaurant 100 old histories are accumulated, we are OK on hardware very fast catch up with surmount them even, but serve in restaurant concept and all sorts of develop regular summary to go out from restaurant history

Administer experience and service cream, seldom count first-class hotel to be able to be acquired only, this also is the prime cause with domestic restaurant insufficient competition ability. The article is a basis with double element theory, from hotel industry modern standardization serves and personalized service spreads out, will discuss the time with domestic right restaurant to should fall where!

One, double element theory and its application

Hecibaige offerred double element theory 1959, full name cries " element of incentive, health care is academic " . It is action of a kind of researcher class commonly used drive is academic. Just as its name implies of double element theory, include two fields: Sanitarian element and incentive element. Element of alleged health care, it is the element that those can cause a worker to resent, their improvement can remove the worker's dissatisfaction, but the enthusiasm that cannot make a worker satisfied and arouses a worker. Include on business management: The policy of the enterprise, administration, salary extends, labor protection, job is supervised and all sorts of human relations processing. Alleged and incentive element, it is the element that those make a worker satisfied, only their improvement just can make a worker satisfied, give a worker with higher drive, arouse enthusiasm, raise labor to manufacture efficiency. The sense of responsibility of the achievement feeling that if the job behaves the fun of itself of opportunity, job, job,goes up, hope that grows to future, officially is waited a moment.
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