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How to assure the clean quality of guest room?

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1, establish clean standard. The standard that the clean and wholesome quality of guest room and controller establish and censorship and examination standard are concerned, want to achieve clean quality level, the work that should do program of process of standardization of method of standardization of good service quality, service, service to change places a standard, place clearly each ordinal position, direction, number and sort; Methodological standardization asks to achieve quality goal, must have a scientific practical method, the assures quality means that everybody provides according to proclaimed in writing undertakes cleaner is made not only can raise quality to also facilitate examination and management avoid accident and needless physical strength use up, sweeping process program to change is strict in clean process achieve the level that sweeps working ability to achieve clean quality place to set reasonably early or late according to a program. Clean standard reflects the class that gives a hotel and astral level, accordingly, make clean standard should be a basis to want to act on convenient principle with the management guiding principle of the hotel and market level. Convenient guest------Namely as far as possible little disturb a guest; Convenient operation------The operation goes to the lavatory again when be being saved already, reduce needless physical strength to use up, can improve work efficiency; Convenient managing-----Reduce controller burden, carry out administrative male to manage an intent, the control of clean quality, return speed of hang on cleanness and clean norm, the needle considers new employee and the factor that are versed in adroitly here, whether to have cross a layer to sweep an element, the guest's quality also is in quite there are clean speed and quality on degree. Still have a few otherer element, like cotton goods shortage, cleaner is provided not all ready, can affect speed and quality.

2, establish censorship and standard. The censorship that pursue course namely foreman, director and manager 3 class censorship is to ensure the effective method of clean quality. Want to make sure clean quality is about to employee is checked oneself, raise the responsibility heart of employee and examination consciousness; Foreman census should accomplish all rooms that provide work area to place everyday, undertake checking and assure clean quality; The director selectives examination to basically check VIP room, maintenance room, selective examination long housing, stimulative foreman makes good foundation inspection. The manager selectives examination basically is to know quality of sanitation of guest room cleanness, know staff job state, improve administrative method, edit operation standard, the time that takes out 1/2 via behoove usually undertakes to floor perambulatory and selective examination. Sometimes hotel general manager, live store manager and be on duty the manager undertakes selectiving examination regularly to the clean quality of guest room and guest room current situation, the purpose depends on creating momentum, production atmosphere, promotional quality awareness. The room puts guest opinion to get stuck also is a when check clean quality effective method.
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