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How does busy season of guest room ministry communicate cooperation

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Travel busy season is the fastigium that hotel guest room enters normally, it can bring a hotel the economic income of apparent Yi Jian and benefit directly. But at the same time, enter high leading also is a real challenge and test to the hotel, the main problem that can appear has: Cannot rapid, true check room condition, and provide all sorts of accurate, quick inquiry management; Be complained to the guest and the processing efficiency of the circumstance such as losing is not tall, the odds that produces error is bigger, cause chain reaction, cause complain a quantity to increase, produce bad impression to the guest; Lack seasonable and comprehensive sale forms for reporting statistics and strong auxiliary step and information reference, make the hotel offers individuation to serve for the guest hard. How is the hotel mixed through reasonable configuration

Management, creation enters rate and average room price high, do not reduce service quality again?

Present guest is not to need a room only just, they hope to be able to have the enjoyment of a few novelty and experience. Right now communication appears particularly important, if do not have other department cooperate to support, guest room ministry cannot assure to offer satisfactory guest room goods to the guest.

Guest room ministry and antechamber ministry connection are most close, guest room ministry needs to get a guest to enter information from antechamber ministry at any time, ripe know guest history record, gather guest opinion, the guest room that books to VIP is particularly advertent, time check room condition; Assistance alleviates of antechamber ministry register pressure, order arrangement should ensure the full load hand of early, middle shift, in noticing computer system at any time, of all kinds room puts an amount and seasonable feedback gives antechamber the department, adjust in order to facilitate antechamber ministry undertakes to the sale at any time in the round.

The complement of check the amount that guest room ministry wants to assist meal ministry to do hospitable room to send eat, guest room drink of food of small public house works, alleviate the enormous pressure of morrow breakfast, proper when can coordinate with meal ministry, have partial have dinner proper billabong. Once facilities of guest room facilities appears breakdown, do rush repairs of phone of the member that have room Wu, engineering maintenance technician will be driven instantly go to the spot, assure the dependability of facilities of guest room facilities. Guest room ministry still will offer guest affection to forecast, so that engineering department arranges guest room to maintain a plan, assure to serve quality.

Travel busy season, the stream of people inside the hotel is sophisticated, guest room ministry must assist security personnel ministry to undertake checking to guest room and public section, do the safe work such as guard against theft of good fire prevention, want to the circumstance of doubtful lodger particularly advertent; Counterpoise wants guest, will offer by security personnel ministry special guard, assure the guest's safety, have safe intimacy of the home to the guest.
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