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Try out of floor of guest room of hotel of desolate hill international stewards

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The individual floor half an year such as floor of course business affairs is much pilot move, rose on November 1 from this year, floor of guest room of hotel of international of Hangzhou desolate hill tries a chamberlain to control government in the round. It is current that chamberlain is in charge of making administrative pattern the trend of a development of guest room management, it gifts the clerk's sufficient power, be in charge of each routine of floor in the round, assume administrative responsibility.

Chamberlain is made after replacing former foreman to be in charge of making, every floor is in charge of in the round by a fixed clerk: This clerk is so called " chamberlain " . Just as its name implies, as chamberlain, her working property produced change, how will this " " the canal is good, how to serve hospitable person, she can have her method. She is OK still at the same time the guest affection according to this floor, arrange each job neatly. If when clean carpet, when to do meticulous sanitation to wait, avoided floor to work " one knife is cut " contradictory. More important is, chamberlain works in fixed floor, pull greatly close the distance with the guest. The guest comes every time this floor lodges, those who see is this clerk, can reduce particular new move, be helpful for clerk and guest communicating with communication, also be helpful for providing the service of all sorts of specific aim. After a lot of guests are familiar with a clerk, reliability rises gradually, offerred a lot of critical opinions. Can go up in the summary of lunar base, each chamberlain often lives to this floor the understanding of the guest that is used to be fond of, it is a very good clear proof.

Chamberlain makes execute, also had very good motivate effect to guest room clerk. Arrive from the clerk chamberlain, it is the change of appellation not just, it is a kind of accredit that works to them more. Providing each standardization service while, they can make full use of gifted influence, develop oneself subjective activity, let a guest be enjoyed more warmth and the service that provide individuation more. Chamberlain than at the clerk, her working responsibility accentuated, the task was increased, but responsibility heart increased apparently however, can produce the effect of this layer intermediate adequately, the problem discovers in the service, solve a problem, those who strengthened measure of guest room government is practical. Of course, chamberlain makes execute, also raised taller requirement to the clerk, she should serve to the guest directly not only, even make the rounds of the wards, hold regular meeting, processing is complained etc, bear is worn the double duty of clerk and administrator. So, how to increase the oneself quality of chamberlain and processing problem capacity, what became current job is heavy, need is the following groom ceaselessly with guide.

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