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Personalized service is hotel meal put more energy into

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Go up century since 90 time, a lot of products have the hotel that characteristic, service individualizes to present a strong competition ability and vitality in the market, the hotel manages the progressively individuation that take a person to serve a times.

Individuation serves (Personal Service) is to show the enterprise provides delegate or the otherness service that reflect client individual characteristic for the client, so that let accept the client of the service to have a kind of a kind of sense of pride, contented feeling, make enterprise and Wu of its product kimono can be in client memory thereby the impression that leaves profundity, win faithful move of the client. The personalized service of the hotel still can show the hotel offers delegate or the service item that reflect hotel individual character and distinguishing feature for the guest.

To meal enterprise, carry out personalized service to having important sense. It is discriminative competitor above all, enhance hotel competition ability. The competition between the hotel, it is the competition that serves hardware establishment and facility above all, raise its quality and class, reducing cost is the significant step that enhances hotel competition ability. But consume consciousness as the aggravate that hotel market competes, client rise and the pursuit to high additional cost, the competition of the hotel more and more the competition that expression is service and its quality. Individuation serves a characteristic that is contemporary hotel, it can make the competitor with oneself distinguishs the hotel to come, innovation gives more and competitor's different place, give client more the space of the choice, also meet a client leave deep impression at the same time. It is to raise customer satisfaction to spend next. How to use most economic method obtains the biggest customer satisfaction to spend, it is each public house is the basiccest contend for a place unexpectedly. Individuation serves the economy that this kind of human nature changes to serve to make the hotel holds the client's demand better not only, and the service that makes hotel place is offerred is more seasonable, more accurate, more reach the designated position. Latter, a lot of hotels used a network to improve traditional hotel management, pass the communication on the net with the client, get the information of demand of more concerned customer, so that hotel foundation is different the guest's need, provide personalized service for its, enhance the satisfactory sense of the service quality of the hotel and client thereby, win more turning round guest.