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The development trend of service of hotel hotel guest room

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As the aggravate that industry of hotel hotel guest room competes, hotel hotel guest room pays attention to the contented degree of guest demand and the control to locomotive cost increasingly. And discover to the further investigation of customer demand, hotel hotel guest room offers guest place expects to get comparative to serve to be not with stranger things partly. It is the development trend that hotel hotel guest room serves a field in guest room below.

1, the project is rich change

Guest room serves a purpose to establish consider already and not class of class of bureau be confined to, star the demarcate that wait, however the actual condition of the demand of mature guest and hotel hotel guest room, make serve the goal that project incline to changes at abounding.

2, service individuation

Assure basically standardization, program is changed and the service of standardization is quality of service of hotel hotel guest room. But, have standardization only, and the service that does not have individuation is not perfect, it is the requirement that cannot satisfy a guest truly quite, make a guest completely satisfactory. Because this is a guest to provide personalized service, obtain the guest's faithfulness, guest room builds perfect settle or live in a strange place normally history archives, adjust the regulations of the service and level ceaselessly according to the change of guest demand.

3, establishment intelligence is changed

As the arrival of high-tech times, guest, especially guest of a few business affairs, raised taller requirement to all sorts of establishment of hotel hotel guest room, the way that the establishment that prompts guest room changes towards intelligence develops. If system of guest room key uses intelligent IC to block key system, it is system of inductive door lock, dactylogram door lock even; The automation system inside guest room, use inductor is controlled, the person shines into the lamp, the person goes the lamp to destroy etc. Still have advanced communication system, can go up the interface of broadband net.

4, guest room green is changed

In advocate what can develop continuously today, found guest room of green hotel hotel to had become a kind of fashion, and the green of guest room is changed is among them main component.

5, design person culture

The design of guest room pays attention to a person more experience, the incline to development at person culture direction. Additional, still consider the need of deformity guest, the floor area that reachs possibly in all deformity guest should trouble-free design, the likelihood needs use installation to answer but self-help is used, beardless other is helped, this also is reflecting the culture of a kind of society.

6, type diversification

As the development of course of study of hotel hotel guest room, guest room of hotel of hotel of a few far-sighted has begun to build his characteristic, and the type of guest room is its distinguish a at guest room of hotel of other public house important facet, from this, make the trend that guest room type presents diversification to develop, hotel hotel guest room also formed his characteristic gradually, the guest on the fractionize market that endeavors to make him place peculiar is satisfactory.
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