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Guest room develops a tendency, zoology is energy-saving guest room

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Guest room develops a tendency, zoology is energy-saving guest room

The development of domestic hotel industry only then at going up century at the beginning of 80 time, through 20 old and rapid development, already built hotel of class of more than 10000 stars now, have guest room amount many 140 / set. As social development and scientific progress, see the design of domestic hotel guest room today again, put in a lot of problem from the respect such as function, layout, specific power consumption, if the sources of energy of water, report, air conditioning is used up,compare foreign person of the same trade to want tall 5-10% . Bring about prime cause of this one problem to depend on domestic hotel industry starting late, the country did not make restaurant major design the standard of the respect, design personnel designs concept lag, if give (cold heat) water system all, most restaurant did not use antirust canal material; Did not establish hot water circulatory system, the guest gives off Huang Shui sometimes in guest room, or just can give off hot water very for long, this cannot be accepted to the guest, because this guest can open faucet to put Huang Shuicai to be able to use clear water, wasted many water natural resources. Layout design puts guest room plane in serious problem, see a picture 1, the main problem that analyses existence now is as follows.

Graph 1

The layout of this kind of guest room and presence of guest consumption concept are larger distance. The analysis is as follows: (1) dark toilet, namely toilet stands by a side of guest room corridor, without natural lighting, the guest should open the lamp into toilet, also opening the lamp in toilet even; Result of wind of this kind of toilet platoon is bad, bring about toilet to discharge fan to move for a long time; (2) furniture " 123 " (picture " champion gets award platform " ) , namely inside guest room 3 even ark (ark of baggage stage, TV, desk) along the wall one word is discharged, especially the desk is facing a wall, still contain on the wall sometimes mirror; (Ark of 3) berth lamp, the head of a bed centralizes control, effect is not actually big, still use to the guest bring many troubles; (4) sets a tea table and two pieces of sofa; (After 5) almirah puts the door, produce noise sometimes; (6) toilet opens the door see commode: (Setting of 7) conduit well is too big, take up area, bring waste; (Shop carpet is made inside 8) guest room, make daily and clean workload is increased, increase cleaner, rug shampooer to use n and cleaner dosage, make moving cost raises; (9) floor lamp, not headlight of faze indication switch, lens already was needless establishment.

Because guest room designs the issue of existence, the waste that generated natural resources of electric power, water is breathtaking, waste report everyday according to statistical whole nation 1.3 million kilowatt. When, wasteful water 500 thousand stere water, still do not include the energy in the hot water of a waste. Because this is in of insecurity of the sources of energy today, guest room design should set out from guest demand, towards zoology the way of energy-saving guest room develops.
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