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Agile Garden Apartments average price of 17,000 yuan

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53 square meters in the sale of apartments, the average price of 17,000 yuan / square meter, "Heaven Yue" in the sales area of 260 square meters of housing, the average price 21000-22000 square meters. Project: Agile Garden in Nanjing Qinhuai District, north to Qin Hong Road, west Lung Poon Road, south Xuguang in the community, the road east to the community, covering a total surface of 141,177.9 meters of ground floor area of 365,623.98 square meters can be; complete built 9 of 18 classes of primary and nursery classes. Plain layout two small high ladder two high-rise residential ,53-78 square meters small hardcover Ming double balcony Units; 97-270 square meters of comfortable two-room, distinguished three bedrooms, luxury four bedrooms. The project is the city's international community a rare, life is complete, convenient traffic, rich in product size, high green rate, extra-wide floor space.